Financial Planning

    Clearly defining financial freedom in life early will give you:

  • Freedom from worry.
  • Freedom to follow your heart.
  • Pursue your passion – beyond work

Financial freedom: Understand it and work towards it!

Financial planning is taking stock of the hygiene goals & luxurious goals of one’slife and family. Every financial goal is provided for and met in one’s personal life.
I have invested or in process of doing some investment’s/insurances/assets in my name or family name, but now need to plan it properly, set up personal goals and get into discipline or habit of planned personal finances. Financial goals are divided into 2 types of goals hygiene goals & luxurious goals. The hygiene goals are child education, retirement planning and residential house for purpose of self-residence. Luxurious goals are vehicle purchase, family vacation, villa buying, fancy personal jewellery buying.

Financial Planning is a structured process, the base of which is Risk Management.

financial planning
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