Wealth Management

Once financial planning is done, by taking into account hygiene goals of the family and executed, then next step is wealth creation. It could be designing portfolio of beta stocks or multi-baggers or dynamic equity, sector related mutual fund bouquet.

Rule no.1 Do not lose money. Rule no2. Do not forget rule no.1


Wealth Management of Stock
Designing of portfolio with a target to beat inflation &build high beta stock. Investment is planned with right mix of long term goals stocks and short term trading stocks. Overall capital growth of portfolio is targeted but, with high risk-high returns composition. Adequate built in measures of stop loss & trailing stop lossare always kept.
Wealth Management of Mutual funds
Designing of portfolio to beat FD returns & Inflation. Assist growth in portfolio & create long term wealth creation.

MANY PEOPLE START INVESTING THROUGH STOCK TRADING. THEY Invest in STOCKS THINK THIS IS THE RIGHT WAY. But the MOST RIGHT WAY TO FINANCIAL STABILITY IN ONCE PERSONAL LIFE IS TO DO FINANCIAL PLANNING AND END AT wealth Management. Financial planning is like starting to build from stable sturdy plinth stage & end at top of empire state building.


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